Really Not Sure

Whenever you are really not sure, take a step back, reconsider and rethink your options.

It is not too late to have a second thought. Do some more research, ask for input from others. (Maybe not about the election, and certainly not on Facebook!)

You can also run a test simulation with multiple options or versions, take a poll or run a small ad to see if it works.

I recently ran a poll for a local organization – the results were literally, almost 80/20. Funny how that happens. (They didn’t make a rule about it without performing some research…)

The results, none-the-less were quite eye opening. What “they” thought verses what “we” thought.

Statistics are interesting and the data can really drive your plans in a better direction. At least now we know the baseline. We can make smarter decisions, invest our funds in more effective solutions and hopefully accomplish our goals sooner, rather than later.

In the future, I know that when I am really not sure, I will continue to do what I usually do – run the idea past a few folks I trust. I do not like working in a vacuum. I’d rather say, “Let’s collaborate!” Why? Because it is always nice to get new ideas from others, and sometimes, it is even better when they reinforce the ideas you already have on your list of options.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Really - we want to know.

Really – we want to know.

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