Really? Again?

It’s Monday night and even though it is a bank / official government holiday – the kids had school while my husband & I had to work. Really? Again?

On a Monday?


How typical.

It’s ok. They had school, anyway.

We were away all weekend, anyway.

Plus, I didn’t get a thing done there (slow and/or lack of Internet… Kind of like Ireland but different.)

Not surprisingly the kids have asked what we are having for dinner. Why shouldn’t they? They’ve done their part.

  • School.
  • Homework.
  • Soccer practice.
  • Karate class.
  • After school French practice,  (cette année, tout le temps en français.)

To them I ask… Really? Again? Do we have to eat? Do I have to cook or will you help? At least one of them says yes. Having them help means we have to eat something they like – but that’s entirely fine with me. They learn and they try new things and it’s far better than another quick take out dinner – which is just not really acceptable on a Monday… It’s just not the best way to start the week. Besides, we ate out for dinner last night and it was Sunday, which even though we don’t attend church, it still feels wrong… So we pick our days and we make Mondays kind of special.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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