Read The Fine Print

We are always told, especially by the lawyers, to read the fine print.

It matters.

So, we do…until the fine print becomes so tedious that you skip over the info, you breeze through the terms and conditions to get to the app, the website, the ability to use the software.

Oh, of course we read the contracts, the leases, the non-disclosure agreements.

It all matters.

Then, we get to our every day devices and the text, the tweets, the e-mails…quick response, jot off a reply, tell Siri to dictate an answer.

What we didn’t do was read the fine print, whether it is the small font on the phone or the new fangled watch and we did everything correctly, except we sent the information to the wrong person, or we didn’t read it carefully enough…and misinterpreted the data. We may need to take a step back – or closer – and focus just a little bit more to make sure that we know exactly what we are doing before we do it, especially before we say it and put it in writing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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