Public Service

There are a lot of ways public service help…the public.

  • Volunteering or being dedicated to a job that pays you for someone’s time.
  • Running to save a life.
  • Helping learn the rules of the area.
  • Processing government required paperwork.
  • Participating in a council meeting (every month by sitting on a board).
  • Fighting fires and doing CPR.
  • Directing traffic and keeping people safe.
  • Coming to change a tire on the side of the highway.
  • Exchanging currency and explain the rules of a foreign country.

Yes, there are varying degrees of difficulty, energy, commitment, strength, and time dedicated to public service. Set your mind to it, announce your role, ask for help, show up, keep the public informed and generally expect to be thanked for the work you do…not ridiculed or harassed. Let’s keep in mind people that there are not a lot who want to do these things…and a simple thank you would be nice.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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