Yay! We’ve been “Primed” again!  

That is, Google Prime has delivered, same day, an order placed early this morning. 

I have to wonder, are the hand deliverers called Primers ala Uber drivers? The woman was so pleasant, too.  She rang the bell and waited; she didn’t BANG on the door like Fed Ex drivers have in the past. (Nothing angers a new mama than a delivery driver who rings the bell three times, then bangs on the front door and leaves. Sure, it is nice to receive baby gifts, but not if the receipt of said gift wakes the baby…especially one prone to not sleeping.)

The thing about this order, is that we didn’t actually “need” all of the items today, we could have waited. We needed a few of them by Friday, but then we could have gone to the retail store to buy today, and not had to go out, find parking, deal with crowds, pay full retail… 

Ordering online from Amazon using our Prime membership gave us the option to shop from home but still have our items in hand, just like “normal” shopping only much better. So, am I primed to order again? Yes, and soon. I am sure that was fully their intention and it is working out pretty good so far. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS This is far better than Costco, BJs or Sam’s Club, too.

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