Pretty Much The Same

When you go around the country, there are places that are pretty much the same as home. 

It is not just the national restaurants that have enticed owners to invest in their brand and open their own restaurants…Dominos, TGI Fridays, Panera. (Consistent and known menu – you might even have their app to order online.) There is always Starbucks, of course and depending on where you are Dunkin Donuts.

There is also (just like home) the same afternoon threat of rain in the humid, hot summer days, complete with mosquitos, deer, and squirrels. 

Oh, yea – don’t forget traffic during rush hour. 

You know what helps with that? Not having to drive and taking UBER, which is in most major cities now, too.  Then, even though the back up is pretty much the same you don’t have the same stress and if you are lucky, the driver will give you advice on what to do, where to go and when…so that you can enjoy your stay. Happy summer everyone. Enjoy your time off (whenever you get to take some.) 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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