Power of No Power

The power of no power to your home, place of business, and the community has far reaching affects. It makes people do weird and wonderful things.

Things like…

  • Come out side and talk to each other.
  • Open windows to let fresh – after the rain and thunderstorm – cooler air in.
  • Help you to be thankful the storm reduced (not increased) the level of humidity in the air.
  • Think about the things you should have done when you had power, like charge the battery packs and fix the generator, or even better get one that comes on automatically.
  • Fold laundry – you can’t wash and dry anymore of it, so you may as well catch up on the 3 loads that have been (washed and dried.)
  • Find candles, you are going to need them.
  • Order take out, even though you had a plan, proactively purchasing key dinner-like ingredients before the storms kicked into high gear.
  • Read a book. A real, paper, bound and covered book.
  • Stop working earlier than normal because the internet is down and you can’t get online.
  • Watch lightning and really see the sky, thinking how amazing it can go from dark and grey to pink and purple in such a short time.
  • Tidy up.
  • Wash dishes by hand.
  • Make lists – with a pen and notebook – or a Post-it, because you might forget what you are thinking now, in the quiet and the darkness of the early summer evening.

Of course it means that neighbors will share what they have: food, wine, electricity, funny stories and best of all, time together.

I am sure there are other things, and if you want, please share what you’re thinking with me…I’d love to hear what you are thinking about this storm system that has passed over much of the Midwest, Northeast and MidAtlantic regions of the country

At the end of the evening, however, I think the one most impactful of all, is the reminder to people to be as human as possible…without the computer and internet “telling us what to do.”

We always have to do what we believe is right.

Even if that means trusting that someone has insurance and will actually pay for their urgent care visit with a sick child (as soon as the power returns…because what would we do without it?)

Still, there is power of no power and it is “powered by” humankind. Of this, I am certain – and I remain ever hopeful that it will never change.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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