Potholes and Police Cars

On any given day, it is probably fair to guess that two of the last things you want to run into are potholes and police cars.

With all of the snow we have had, there are a lot of additional hazards:

  • Icy patches;
  • Loose gravel;
  • Narrowed roadways; and,
  • Standing water from the melting snow, are just a few.

Then, when it is late in the evening, there could be even more dangers out there.

Things such as when you don’t know the road home and the GPS is not visible because someone keeps changing the song on iTunes. That is when you won’t know about the proximity of anything in the road – the next turn, the curve in the road, the merging traffic that forgets they need to go as fast as the 55 MPH oncoming cars – let alone the potholes and police cars. Luckily, we didn’t run into either; may you find your way home safe and sound, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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