Phone It In

In the dark ages, before video conferencing was all the rage you could not phone it in. Today, there are various perspectives on what you can, or can’t do.

Can – order dinner (okay, you could do this way before, back in the days of the rotary telephone, but you couldn’t do it from the road.)

Can’t – attend a wedding reception (unless it is virtual, but you can’t enjoy the food, cocktails or dancing.)

Can – help a college kid over a break up (with varying degrees of success…depending on the initial relationship you already had in place, of course.)

Can’t – help mend a broken bone after falling off the scooter (nope…you can’t, don’t try.)

Can – send virtual hugs (pick your favorite emoji.)

Can’t – give a real one (at least not one that actually releases tension and makes someone feel better in a matter of just about 30 seconds.)

Can – catch up with a long lost (or not so lost) friend.

Can’t – help someone who is lost (I mean so lost that they can’t even tell you the street they’re on, let alone the last street they crossed.)

This is just the start of a list, what is on your can/can’t phone it in list…or, is it that you won’t. Get in the car, get on the road, go. Be there. Show up. It;’s time. So many people need a real person, and they need you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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