Permission to do what you like

I give you – yes you – permission to do what you like…but should you really need my permission – or anyone’s for that matter?

Do. What. You. Like.

Several years ago, my husband finally decided that he was going to buy that flat screen television he wanted. He had researched and watched movies and digital loops over and over at retailers in our area. He priced it out, here, there and everywhere. We had saved and saved for it. (Remember when these things cost thousands, not hundreds of dollars? Well, they did and we had saved for it.)

Back then, the price difference between 48″ and 52″ was significant, but not as much as buying a whole ‘nother television. I told him – “Get the 52 inch. No one is ever going to be disappointed that they got the bigger television.” He was amazed; he was happy; he was going to get the bigger one.

Best. Wife. Ever!

He has told that story over and over and over again. His co-workers were jealous, some of his friends were jealous, some of my friend’s husbands were jealous.

Yesterday, I was trumped. (As in Pinochle not Donald – no link, you know who he is and what he looks like…)

One of my clients in NY was told by his wife, a month after she had their second baby – “why don’t you get the Harley?” Seriously. How cool is that?

He’s a lucky guy. (So is she…) He works hard, he is an active part of his children’s lives, he is there; and now he has a Harley. To be completely forthcoming, it sounded like she can’t wait to take the Harley out on the road… so in that respect, maybe it was a “mutually beneficial” get. But so what.

I watch TV, but I’m not a super fan. Sure, I like the Samsung – and I just guessed at the brand – but after walking into the TV room and checking, I can pat myself on the back ’cause I was right. 🙂 I guess after all the research combined with the fact that my life revolves around brands and branding makes some things stick.

But regardless – regardless of whether I am a super TV/Movie/Gamer fan – why couldn’t he get the TV he’d wanted for years? It made him happy. We’d saved the money. He never buys himself anything. Ever.

Regardless of whether or not Tom’s wife wanted to ride the Harley… who cares. He can get one.

Why do we need to get or give someone else permission? If you have earned it, or saved for it, or worked for it, why can’t you decide for yourself ? And, more importantly, why would anyone – especially someone who loves and cares for you – say no?

Do what you like. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you it is OK. I give you permission – even though you don’t need it. Give yourself permission.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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