NYC – THE city

I am in NYC today. Yes, on 9/11/14. I am happy to be here today.

I was in NY 13 years ago, just not in THE city. My entire family thought I was… thank goodness I wasn’t. Too many were here (there) that day and many more came to help.

I can’t help but remember.

New York has been my city, THE city, that I think of when people say “the city”…

…even after living closer to – and in – another northeast city for more than half my life – it is THE city.

I’ve played here, enjoyed the art(s) here, shopped here, eaten here (great spots and convenient on-the-street spots); I’ve walked from one end to another and across the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve worked here and watched the Macy’s Day parade here, on my grandfather’s shoulders. I consider myself lucky to be able to work here and to visit frequently, but not nearly often enough. I think about you every time. Each and every time I read a book about NYC that was written pre 9-11-2001 and in movies and in pictures from my visits here during high school, college and my early career. So many of those pictures are in my memory…

I am one of the lucky ones, but honestly, aren’t we all?

I am so proud to be in NYC today – and to have known this CITY yesterday. I will always return to you – especially on this date.

Yes, I remember. I can’t possibly forget.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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