Peppermint and Candy

In our house we have two friends staying with us for the next 4 weeks – Peppermint and Candy, the Elf on the Shelf and his girlfriend have returned. 

I came home late last night after a long week of late nights and both of their boxes were on the kitchen table. Open, un-twist-tied and ready for fun.

Ugh. Really, I thought. I’m exhausted…

I couldn’t go and just crash into bed as planned, I can’t let her down; especially not after being away from home for not one, but two dinners in the same week.

So, I did what parents everywhere do. I created a bit of magic.  

We all do the best we can to make the most of their childhood. We do what we can to foster their imagination and curiosity. We learn what we can and deliver on the promise we made – enhancing their youthful wonder…from sleight of hand to coins in the tooth fairy pillow, jelly beans on Easter morning bursting out of plastic eggs and of course Christmas miracles. 

Then, one day (this happened last March) they tell you sad news. They KNOW. The way she told me was perfect. Just like her…

So, then last night…what did my wondering eyes find? A childlike request to keep up with the pretense. “Make the magic happen mom, please.” An unspoken request. 

I arranged a scene. 

She saw it this morning. Sleepy and crabby. No comment. I was disappointed. 


This afternoon, she came home and they were not on the table any longer and, she wanted to know and ran through the house to find that they had retired, with their friends, to the TV room. When we all finished cleaning up from dinner however, they were gone. Peppermint and Candy had moved again…this time, much more mysteriously. Now, the game is getting much, much more interesting – they’re resting in our bed and neither her dad nor I had anything to do with that. Yes. Much more magical and much more wonderful.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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