People Watching

Spending time in transit from one city to another and back again I tend to do a lot of people watching

Not sure if this something that I should always do, because sometimes I see things that I kind of can’t believe I am seeing.

At what point in ours lives did anyone ever tell you to leave your empty food containers on the floor for someone else to pick up? Ever since I was a toddler, the Hoot Hoot the Owl anti-polution and anti-litter campaign had me doing the right thing. So much so, that even in a fast-casual or quick service restaurant – where you do not have to bus your table – it feels wrong to just leave it all there. 

Yet, people just think that someone else will clean it all up after them…I wonder if they do it all the time?

I saw the cleaning crew come off the plane we were about to board. They just go from flight to flight and make it better than it was – for us. The ground crew at the gate told us the crew was working their magic prepping the plane and we’d be able to board shortly. 

How nice, I thought, that’s good to know – I know that it isn’t perfect, but can they do more than the essentials in about 5 minute’s time? Probably not.

In all of the crowds, waiting eagerly to get onto a delayed flight home, to work, vacation or maybe back to school… there wasn’t a single thank you or thought of gratitude. Or, was there and I missed seeing it because I couldn’t possibly see all of the folks waiting for an over-booked, crowded flight? 

Yes, maybe it was there. Even if it was a fleeting thought… I have to hope that there were silent, imperceptable nods of appreciation. 

Anyway, sometimes you don’t see what you want, but that doesn’t mean you stop looking. So, I’ll still do more people watching, looking at how people talk to each other, how they wait, how  they handle delays and unexpected events. Do they have a smile on their face or are they in constant RBF mode? (Apparently I don’t do that well, even though I have been told I have a pretty good poker face.) Remember, too, that I am not the only one who is watching…so try to set a good example, okay? 

Thank you ~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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