Party of 5

No special occasion needed, let us have a party of 5

Not easy to seat, but totally worth it.

For the last several years, that is what we have been – out to dinner, lunch – brunch… the 5 of us when all together.

Well, not ALL.

Our entire family would take up a whole restaurant, not just the table.

Today, we were more than a party of 5, total of 7 – after a party that was even much larger than that – as we add to our family – year after year, welcoming new spouses, new babies and new friends to join us.¬† Which is good, because the people in our lives – our children – move on and make their own life – starting out. Later, we know we will be welcoming her back, maybe with a few friends…or just on her own. Either way, making us happy to have her back again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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