Paid To Play

Wouldn’t we all want to get paid to play?

That’s why finding your true passion and doing that for a living is ideal. 

Ideally if you can live the life you want – sharing time and meals and a home with your family and your friends – on that income. It’s not easy, I know.

Today, two little girls helped open a ton of presents for their aunt and cousin who is a Bride To Be. They had more fun being able to help (than just sitting there watching like the rest of us) but didn’t see any benefit for their careful (not at all impatient or childlike) unwrapping work. I thought they needed recognition, so I paid them for their efforts. 

If only a benefactor would find each of us and help us get paid to do something, that fun…every day. Without such a person, we have to do it for ourselves…if you don’t, you probably won’t get paid to play. Unless you’re rounding 5 years and have a large family all getting married soon – or the national team sees your talent and you make it to the big leagues.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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