Owner or an Employee

This week I went to a seminar that talked about the difference between being an owner or an employee. Then, I had a few follow up – unsolicited conversations – with people about owning a business verses working in one.

There are many differences, roles and responsibilities if you will; such as bill paying vs. getting paid or earning an income only after all the rest have been satisfied. Opening, closing, cleaning restrooms, doing the things that no one else wants to do, but must be done.

My pedicurist doesn’t want to work Saturdays. It is one of those businesses where you probably have to work weekends. But, does she really? She isn’t the owner. So, the result is that the owner closes her business if she doesn’t work. Hmm. Interesting. (Not what I would have done, but maybe it works for her, or maybe it doesn’t.)

If you are an owner and you don’t want to do things that your staff won’t do, or don’t like to do, doesn’t it behoove you to do them?

If the staff fails to clean the kitchen as it is supposed to be done, or won’t touch a mop to clean  the floor, it still has to be mopped.

If you are an employee and you won’t do something, you can either be accepted for who you are and what you are willing to do, or you will be let go and the owner will find someone who will do those things. If you are the owner and you don’t want to do certain things, you may need to pay people even MORE to do them, or you will be forced to do them yourself.

The differences between an owner and an employee are far more detailed than this, but it is a start. Being an owner isn’t all that it is hailed to be, but it does give you a choice. Choose wisely. Set your standards. Don’t compromise. Or, if you do, you may just limit your business to what you have made it, or allowed it, to become.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Working 3 days a week is not a business: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, certainly not a retail business, anyway. That is more of a hobby and shouldn’t justify paying retail rental rates. Yes, I am watching and pre-judging, prove me wrong sister.


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