Our Favorite Stories

Sometimes our favorite stories are ones that others might not like, nor even approve of reading.

That is why is is so lovely that where we live gives you the latitude to read and share the ones that you like, with anyone who will read them or listen.

I am forever appreciative that our elders (and our contemporaries even have) shared, and some wrote creatively, to tell the perspectives they wanted to share. Their thoughts on life. Their ideas about friendship. Their history of what they had experienced. Their tales of the imagination. Their jokes to make us laugh. Their stories…and, sure:

  • Maybe the church isn’t the best place to share the antics of your youth.
  • Maybe the dinner table with your kids isn’t the time to share an adult themed tale.
  • Maybe the office isn’t appropriate for the weekend’s events, or politics, or religion.

Fortunately, we have the freedom to choose to pursue our own interests and read, or re-read our favorite stories. Write yours down. Share your copy. Pass them down to the next generation or the one after that…you never know when the topic will become relevant again. Wish a special someone Happy Birthday this month and know that you are (still) doing the right thing and we miss you more than you will ever know.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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