Create a Distraction

There are many times when it is good to create a distraction.

When you are giving a toddler getting a hair cut. They move around so much, the barber or hairdresser just needs them to focus on something else so that they do not suddenly move and end up with an unplanned buzz cut.

When you are stressed out about the results of a test, something you can no longer control the outcome – it is what it is – reality is just that.

When you are waiting for your spouse or child or parent (or any loved one for that matter) to come out of surgery – even if it is routine – you just want to hear the doctor say everything went well and you can see them soon.

When you have to say goodbye, the final (final) goodbye and there are just so many things to do – plan a funeral, select music and prayers, pick out flowers, write your remarks and practice them, too – as well as wrap up all of the loose ends left behind.

Someone, somewhere, should create a distraction to help the people going through these things. We appreciate those people more than we know, even when we don’t realize it is happening at the time. These are the people who make the difference in our lives.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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