We can say OMM and help relax the mind, which relaxes the body.

Or, this can mean a million other things.

One person might think it means “One More Minute”.

Another, “On My Mind”.

Yet still others…”One Minute Matters”.

Financial folks, $0MM – which means they need more than they have.

Or, “Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine” (which sounds kind of complicated.)

I will let you decide what OMM means to you, whether you chant it, believe it is actually a minute and not perhaps more like 5 or 10, think it (and randomly say it out loud), or, believe that zero is definitively not enough. Perhaps it is a field of study – or, you only realize now – when it is outlined like that, that some how all of these are worth studying in some way or another.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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