Old Tech

Old tech is cool again.

It may be 2021, but in many ways we are going back in time to an era when things were made to last. (We can set aside the joke about the virus for now, let’s hope that continues to fade away with a quiet hiss, instead of a sonic boom.)

  • Typewriters.
  • Record players.
  • Big, over the entire ear headphones.
  • Giant, metal microphones.
  • Wind up alarm clocks with giant bells on either side.
  • Land lines
    • Ok, maybe not so much, but give it time, their sound is so much better.

We couldn’t have gotten to where we are today, without the old tech – so let’s celebrate it as we bring it back. We can still be excited about it, even if it has some new technology embedded in it to make it work better. Place it in the center of attention, give it the proper due and know that way back then, the world may have been a better place, at least in some ways.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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