Old Solutions

We can try old solutions for new problems but they may not have the desired result.

The same can be said for using old processes for old problems when the environment around you has changed.

In 2021 there are many things that will have to be rethought or reinvented.

Research and development.

Limited time offers.

Evaluations for recommendations.

In 2020 at least we had the opportunity to make the plan for this coming year; to set aside funds in the budget for unexpected expenses, the additional costs that we now see as part of the new normal.

We didn’t get that opportunity in 2019…but, did we learn enough?

It only takes a little bit of time to become comfortable in this current operating mode and then – boom! It’s all new again.

What we didn’t plan for, and never can, are the new issues that are yet to be found, discovered or that land on your doorstep.

We have solved many of the challenges, but the same old solutions for what happened in the last ten months may not continue to work. Keep thinking ahead and being nimble to adapt as the earth continues to show us who really is in charge.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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