Old is New

Everything old is new again, maybe skipping a generation or two…but then again, sometimes it just takes a partial generation.

The all encompassing retro or the antique, going from disco to the rave, from peace out man to the hipsters.

From the 1st printing and the 12th edition or the 25th anniversary and so on.

All of it is good. Well, maybe not the “so last year” – it takes a while to make it possible for the acceptance – or maybe that comes with age. (Even if that just means being “age appropriate”.)

A very important caveat, is that it has to be something timeless to follow the old is new status and standing in the world.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS In this case, as each group of children realizes that they love the very same book series – finding it both interesting and wonderful – that they binge read until they get all the way through. Lucky for them that the didn’t have to wait for all 7 books to be written and published.

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