Oh, The Noise

Today = busy. Friday is the last day (or not) to get everything done. From one end of the “office” (aka home), to the other, was insane. Oh, the noise didn’t bother the call I was on, just me.

Being away had everything jammed into one short day at the end of a long week. Several special visitors and new things going on today…

  • Handyman.
  • Piano tuner. (Twice a year now that the youngest is playing, at least occasionally.)
  • TV. (Do we actually own one of those. Oh, yes, we do indeed.)
  • Washing machine. (Since we didn’t go naked through the streets we brought home lots of dirty clothes.)
  • Dishwasher. (Forgot to run it overnight.)
  • Coffee grinder. (Two, okay, one and a half pots today, apparently more caffeination was needed.)

The only thing that could have been more noisy would have been for the neighbor’s lawn service to come today. But, it was raining and they come on Tuesdays.

Normally, the quiet bothers me, but today, after nearly a week in a city hotel room, all I could think was Dr. Seuss saying “Oh, the noise, noise noise…” Keep in mind, this is after we rested each night listening to the sweet serenade of taxi cabs honking, car alarms being set off, fire truck horns, police-car sirens blaring and hail hitting the window one night, all night long.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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