No Thank You

Being overly polite, or just normally polite, you will have to say “no thank you.”

Usually said to a friendly, easy-going relative, by a child when offered broccoli, a second helping of soggy sweet potato fries…or, even almond cookies.

I mean even I am not a fan of those latter two.

Sorry. (Not sorry.) Of those three, broccoli is literally at the top of my list, but – in my experience – not on many other people’s.

Instead, the phrase might be more like “No, thank you“… as in – the response you receive back after saying “thank you” at a shop (or in today’s case, the bank.) Instead of saying “you’re welcome”, they reiterate that they are thankful for you and your business. This is similar to the situation where you have become a part of the mutual respect and admiration society… Either way, a simple appreciation and acknowledgement – is a nice thing to say – and hear.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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