No Labor

It is, actually quite impossible to deliver the promise of no labor, even on Labor Day, because:

  • Someone has to make breakfast (lunch and dinner for that matter).
    • Then, someone has to do the dishes.
  • We need people to do the essential things, like run a hospital, police and fire department.
    • Plus, there are the people who have to take people to those essential jobs.

Those are just the obvious things…taking care of babies and elders, the caregivers – the parents, the dog walkers for those on vacation, the fuel attendant who lets you pump gas, or the staff that allowed the grocery store to stay open in case you forgot what you needed for the BBQ.

I understand that it is a goal, a recognition, an acknowledgement.

  • But, when we had farms, and everyone survived by running theirs.
    • There was not a chance that you could sleep in and refuse to work.

No labor meant unhappy cows, chickens, goats – whatever was on the land. We all know that unhappy animals make for a very bleak future. So, if someone gives you a hard time for not working today, then tell them that you had to do it – for the future. They can’t argue with you for that, now can they?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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