No Labor on Labor Day?

I am not certain the retailer who promoted their store sale like this:

“40% Off. No Labor Required”

Understand the phrase.

Ok, sure it is a Labor Day weekend sale, But, if the store is open, someone does have to exert labor… there is no way around that.

If they let their employees take off, would they actually make more than what they lose discounting their clothing at 40%? What is their overhead, what is their margin and do they know these numbers? Or, did the owners decide to work, giving the employees a day off of “No Labor” and they earned more than they would paying staff?

All of this has to be taken into consideration when you own your own business and since I have – I can’t NOT think about it this way.

Cute promotion, but it bothered me. There is always labor being done by someone, somewhere.

Enjoy your Labor Day, whether you are the owner, the employee or the kids who have off today. I hope that there is limited labor on your holiday and maybe someone will bring you a grilled burger while you relax…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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