Kudos to the morning people

I have to hand it to you. YOU – the morning people; you know who you are. You are an inspiration.  I don’t know how you do it…do you feel the same about me?

The closest I get to enjoying “early morning light” is that I really like the name my parents (not hippies) chose for me. How could they have known it would be some form of internal “balance” for me?

My normal clock says, stay up later, wake up later.

That is NOTHING compared to the teens we have brewing here in the house. They are struggling just as hard to be awake when it “matters” – their biology (or is it physiology?) is saying – hey you need some rest. But they can’t get enough… sleep (or maybe it is You Tube. Who knows? Even I can’t stay up that late.)

Neither can their dad – who is not a night person. He is one of you. He is up bright and early, often before the sun. He is ready to go. In our little microcosm, we will see if his fun little biological trait can help offset and over come my lack of interest in early mornings. So far, I think the real score is 1 to 1 (I am discounting the YT factor as I think that is an external input and skews the results).

As the summer comes to an abrupt close heading back to school (the reason for my sleepiness), I do have hope that just one time this summer, we will get everyone up – yes, me and the other one, too – to watch the sunrise – we’ll be sure get a new pic to add to our collection. (Some of us need a little inspiration every once in a while.)

Happy September everyone, hope it’s a sunny, fun filled last 3 weeks of summer and even if you are a night person, go watch the sun come up, it is worth it. (I suggest you bring coffee, cause I bet you’re going to need it.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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