Next Time

If this wasn’t the right ______, next time it will be better.

Fill in the blank however you want, with whatever is on your mind.

Birthday, holiday, date, dinner, gathering, or celebration.

Movie, podcast, meme, or that weird book you chose for book club.

White paper, digital marketing campaign, social post or e-mail campaign.

It doesn’t matter how this one was received, you will work on it. Then, it will be so much better.

You will either be less anxious, or not overly concerned with how it will go. You will just roll with it.

Or, you will work to edit, have some one read it first, or you will read the book ahead of time before you waste hours of your friend’s time on audible or their e-reader.

You will make it work, you will A/B test it, you will try it out with the group around you to see how it resonates.

Remember, no one bats 1,000 – not even the best in the league. So, give yourself a pass, a break and a breather.

Next time, it will be out of the park – and sure, you can say it was a home run, even if you are not playing ball.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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