Need For Pockets

Hey designers, do you know that women have a need for pockets in their clothes, too?

Totally true. We took a poll. It was unanimous. (Of the people asked; they all said yes.)

Women – like men – have things they need to carry. During this transitional time, when winter is over and spring is finally too warm for a coat, they don’t want to HAVE to use a purse. Keep that in mind next time you design a pair of pants, a skirt or a dress.

Especially a dress. Even a fancy one. Like a prom gown, or a wedding dress – not just the one you would wear to a birthday party.

In this day and age, when fabric can be nearly miraculous, all kinds of apparel have a real need for pockets. I am sure that you can make it work and still maintain a trim, clean, sleek line. If you can’t figure it out, talk to Tim. I am sure he can help.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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