Everything Seems Perfect

Have you ever had that moment, the moment where everything seems perfect…and then, all of a sudden, it isn’t?

The new restaurant is lovely. Everything is perfect from the decor, to the hostess. The table they chose for you is not near the door, or the kitchen and it is comfortable. The menu seems to be filled with foods you want to try – in fact, you want to try them all. You have trouble deciding, but you make the tough decisions, place your order and you are not even waiting too long at all. You get your food, and it is indeed delicious – better than you thought it would be.

The staff is accommodating, the pricing is in line with expectations, well-worth the quality and quantity.

It is a great lunch or dinner out. With family, friends, or co-workers and clients.

Ideal. What an amazing new place. You can’t wait to come back.

In fact, everything seems perfect, until they leave you sitting there for some indeterminate amount of time (in our case, it was nearly 30 minutes at lunch time…) It is – sadly – at this time, that the entire outing is just diminished by an order of magnitude. An amount of time that might actually leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, even though everything you ate was quite literally scrumptious. It might make you write a bad review (specifically why of course); it might make you tell friends not to bother going, and, worse, you might never go back. All in all, that would be the biggest shame of all.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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