Most Options

The one with most options wins. Every time.

Found a need for a service. On Mother’s Day. I had to stop an argument. It was escalating and it was a holiday. I wanted to be happy, I wanted him to be happier… but we had to finish this last, huge, piece of the project puzzle.

So, I…went online. Entered the URL to my preferred service provider. Why, cause I know them, sort of, personally. Aha! A calendar, lost of options, right??? So (for laughs and giggles) I checked Sunday. Nope, Monday? Nope, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sat & Sun, even MONDAY AGAIN… not available.

Next up, their competitor. They are highly rated. I even saw one of their employees do something “above and beyond” at Welcome Day last weekend. So, I checked them out. What I found was shocking, not really, but seriously…amazing – it was a Monday morning appointment, between 9AM and 11AM service. Yes! Available. To. Book!!

So, I closed my eyes and I booked it. Felt better almost immediately. It took less than 5 minutes (maybe even less than 4 and that included a Facebook status check and a click over to view 2 new e-mails that came in…one was a welcome to their customer data base and the other was a confirmation of the appointment. Monday, May 11th between 9AM and 11AM, and yes it was 5/11/2015.)

Flash forward to Monday morning. They called, as promised 15 minutes before 9 to confirm their arrival time. They showed up at 9:07… Started at 9:15 and by 10:15, the project was done. Less than an hour. 20% less than they told me the job would cost.

Would I recommend them? Yes. Were they polite? Yes. Did they tell me their name, shake my hand and answer every single question I had? Yes, yes and yes.

I love small businesses and start ups, but sometimes, the one with the most options will often earn the customer. In my case, the customer’s case – I win, too. I do love you America…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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