More of a Request

In many cases, I have to wonder if the signs are more of a request than a rule?  They all sound so negative…

  • No Smoking.
  • No Skateboarding.
  • No Biking.
  • No Dogs on the Beach.
  • No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service.
  • We will gladly take your order when you put down your phone.
  • No Cell Phone Use in the Doctor’s Office.

Even after the Myth Busters tested all kinds of ways a cell phone might cause harm, take down a plane, cause a malfunction of a mechanical device…they couldn’t 100% disprove (or bust) the myth…

So, in the end, while many of these signs might simply be more of a request, than an absolute down and dirty, dangerous practice…they are probably still a good idea to follow. At least, out of respect for the person who put up the sign in the first place.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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