Favorite Jam

Our favorite jam varies, depending on our mood.

  • Fig (with our favorite Italian Cheeses)
  • Grape (homemade from the ones that grow over our fence…also Italian)
  • Strawberry (hand-picked berries by our sweetest niece and nephew)
  • Chili apricot (hot and spicy and best used as a dipping sauce)
  • Pear (a childhood favorite, gritty even as it was pureed smooth)
  • I’m sure we could name some more…

On top of that, we all have favorite songs. The ones that we can just let loose and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Mine is a song that can never be requested at a wedding. It’s inappropriate for a new bride and groom, in poor taste, maybe bad luck – but I think that is pushing it, just a little, thank you very much.

I can’t help it, its my favorite jam (one of them at least) and even years (ok, you can say decades, even if it is just two!)  I still think that it is a good tune to dance, with your husband, with whom you are in love, so very much.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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