Mobile For the Win

During a busy Saturday, order on mobile for the win.

There is no chance they will get your name wrong.

No pressure to make a decision on what you want while they’re on the phone.

Tip or don’t – it is up to you – plus, there is no one staring you down when you choose.

Take a look at things you wouldn’t normally order, choose upgrades, be adventurous.

Then…right on schedule, you can walk in, find your name, grab your bag and SKIP the line.

It is especially beneficial during the third Santa Con event you have seen this season. It is over crowded, there are extra long lines, and way too many people half wearing Santa suits. (Unseasonably warm today, so the onsie is a little too much for the weather.)

Sure sometimes, hanging out, chatting it up amongst the other morning people is fun but when you can, choose to order mobile for the win.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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