Maybe One

Businesses who long ago adopted an online shopping model vs. newly online have some amazing contrasts.  Ok. Maybe one.

The older, established online retailers may just have forgotten how to pick up the phone. I’m not sure how…but it has happened. Maybe, it just isn’t important to them anymore?

Or, they’re not staffed? They can’t handle it? Or, are they not one bit bothered by the endless ringing and paging “please pick up the phone”?

Between Friday and today, we have spent over an hour and a half on the phone waiting for someone, anyone, to pick up the line. 

Isn’t there maybe one company out there who is excited to pick up the phone? Not just just an out going message, without a call center to answer but instead has a team who calls people back. (That was a highlight…and better than never ending “your call is important to us”) but no…I’d rather the live person pick up; in less than 5 minutes would be best.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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