Make Your Mark

Other than my grandparents, who took the easy AND the hard way out of this – you, too can make your mark.

In our lives, our human lives – as frail as they are – being able to leave a lasting impression is truly essential.

Some will impact just a handful of people, like just their family while others will impact millions.

Most of us can hope to have a true impact on a few hundred people or maybe even a few thousand (I am no statistician and don’t really know the answer to this.)

I am certainly not talking about your foot/hand print in the concrete out front of your house.

Some will be a part of a movement, while others will create jobs for others… through business opportunity or reform and others will just be able to help those immediately around them.

No matter what you do – do it with clear intentions and you will find the greatest success. You always have the opportunity to do your best. Just choose your words and choose your actions wisely…you will be sure to make your mark on a larger number of people than you could hope to imagine.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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