Make Watermelon Spritzers

You can make watermelon spritzers.

  • If you have too much watermelon from your farm share.
  • Or, your garden overflows with the green fruit – or is it pink, or even red?
  • Maybe you just got excited when you saw it at the store last week.

Whatever the case, you can make the most of it.

Friends may not be able to come over, in certain states across the country – at least not in any large group counts – but you can make summer linger.

  • Summer should definitely linger longer.
  • We need more summer time.
  • More time in summer mode.

Tomorrow, for breakfast, after your workout, you can make watermelon spritzers, with mint and all that vitamin rich juice. Later you can add something else to make it more “festive” if you want, but it really is just an idea to make the most of the summer days we still have ahead.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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