Make the Days Count

They say, make the days count, don’t count the days.

It is hard – even for some of us who know better – to listen to that advice and guidance.

Sometimes, it is just busy, hectic, stressful and you are working, focused on so many things.

It is easy to forget.

But, we must remember.

Now, more than ever, after being inside – and counting days for a while, but then, not counting, because there were just too many – we have to live our life the way we want to live.

  • Together, with family.
  • Close to friends.
  • Doing what we love to do.
  • Enjoying some laughter.
  • Celebrating the birthdays, milestones and accomplishments.

It has been a journey, and we are still on it. Every single day.

So, tomorrow (especially tomorrow) and the next day and the day after that… Be sure to do your very best to make the days count. With…Love. Health. Happiness. Joy. Appreciation. And so much more.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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