Make That Happen

We can make that happen, says the:

  • highly sought-after purveyor of fine goods
  • consultant who knows you have never asked for a special favor
  • restaurant owner who knows you come in every week
  • retailer who knows the birthday gift needs to be wrapped in a special “birthday theme” even though they have a December birthday (at the end of the month, on 12/25)
  • mom or dad who hopes their children have less stress at school than they do at work
  • friend, who hasn’t seen you in ages and ages…even though they have to leave early but go back to work later to get everything done

It is the end of the year, it is the holiday season.

If you can, satisfy your customers, clients, family and friends – making them feel special, appreciated and valued – whatever you need to do, make that happen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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