Make Me An Offer

Don’t you dare make me an offer that I must refuse AFTER I’ve already spent the money, upgraded shipping and received my packages. Unless you can make someone else an offer that they won’t refuse…

If your customers planned ahead, gave you the benefit of the doubt that that offer a month ago, on Black Friday (for goodness sakes…) that those offers were your best offers; the ones that they would get because they shopped early and spent a lot of money to get free shipping, the bonus gift, the super discount…

Don’t piss them off and make an offer after the fact that is even better.

Ok, so your sales weren’t as great as you’d like them to be. Discount somewhere north of the number you gave in November. Or e-mail customers who HAVE NOT ORDERED YET… but don’t annoy the ones who met your demand and boosted your December sales early. Maybe give them an offer for after the holiday or for shopping in January when you will be hoping to sell something more than essentials, cleaning products, diet plans, gym memberships and household linens.

Or, do what you have to do to make your number… it isn’t a game. This is real life. Christmas does come but once a year. Christmas is the one time of year when people are more than generous and give in to the whims that they would never indulge at any other time. Make the offer. Don’t let them refuse you…

As a customer. Not happy.

As a marketer… make the sale; make the number; make the year.

Which do you choose?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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