Lost the Art of Communication

Are we in an age where we have lost the art of communication?

Or, are we just in a place (and time) where it truly is an art, and there are many variations between great, good and mediocre artists?

Telling the story and getting to the point…takes careful editing. Or, without the ability to do that, simply more time.

Hopefully. (At least most of the time, I do get to the point…)

I definitely have the freedom to edit what I write. Maybe I could do more, or be more critical, but certainly our role (as humans) in casual dialogue doesn’t give us that latitude.

I will apologize; I am sorry. (But, I am not sure I can help it, nor change.)

Those who are often interviewed, must – quickly – find their voice and their ability to speak succinctly, in a measured and thoughtful way. If they don’t do this, they will be quoted as the rambling, cliched and slightly flawed human that they are in person.

When we text, e-mail or IM we don’t have the option to elaborate, add nuance or subtlety. Emotion, empathy, care, careful articulation and explanation of what it is that we *actually, mean.

It is here, in the age of the “instant, send a text”, and jotting off a reply, that I think we have suffered and lost the art of communication. Hopefully, we are able to embrace it more fully with the next iteration and recover some of what it is that we miss.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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