Lost In The Mail

Having something get lost in the mail is so frustrating!

Whether it is a payment, a letter or a package…it just sets you back. If the package is urgently needed, that is even worse – but often, still not the end of the world.

  • Your new prescription sunglasses for the trip you’re taking – can you just take your old ones?
  • Your meal-in-a-box order for the week – what will we have for dinner?
  • Your kid’s graphing calculator for the upcoming mid-term – can they borrow one from a class mate who has the same class at a different time?
  • Your replacement boots, the ones you know fit so well, but wore out and luckily you were able to repurchase the same ones from your favorite brand – maybe the old ones will make it one more trip?
  • Your rent check – can you send it via e-check or maybe Venmo?
  • Your book for this month’s book club… now you don’t have enough time to read it – perhaps there is an audible version?
  • Your super adorable, sand filled, message in a bottle to your kid at home who couldn’t go on the trip with you – perhaps you can recreate it, with their help (and hand deliver this one?)

Whatever it is, when or if, it gets lost in the mail, you can’t believe it happened, even though the spam e-mail gets through. Every. Single. Time. Don’t worry, just take a deep breath, know that it isn’t the absolute end of the world, and tomorrow, it might show up.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS And, next time, you will order earlier and have a back up plan in place.

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