Lost Connection

Do you remember way back when there were real analog telephones in your house? Before digital voice took over, and before everyone had a cell phone – if you had a lost connection, it was the end of the world. 

It didn’t matter who it was talking, or why, it was devastating.

Grandmothers getting an update on the family…Asking about the kids growing up, going back to school, celebrating birthdays and talking about trips to visit the family for the holidays.

Clients, trying to place an order for critical supplies from the only vendor in the world who provides them, calling after hours splitting the time difference and trying to mitigate language barriers.

Branch offices, faxing their weekly reports and an important proposal to the corporate office for review and approval.

Now, we can communicate so easily, consistently, frivolously and in short bursts – as we think of information – that a lost connection is no big deal. It is just slightly frustrating but momentarily. The lapse in the time is a blip…time to stretch, get a cup of coffee or get the mail (from the mail box) before diving back in and getting everything else done. Even from home. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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