Even With a GPS

If you have read the blog this week you will know what I am talking about…and I am not kidding. You can actually get (really) lost even with a GPS.

I am further going to share with you that it is possible to take an hour to travel a road that normally takes less than 10 minutes simply because you have no idea how to get from where you are where you need to be.


Well, because of road closures and detours that are not showing up on a map.

The more important question is: How could you be less than 15 to 20 minutes away from home and have no idea – and I mean none whatsoever – on how to get home.

Didn’t I just tell you?

Extensive, multiple roads closed, in one general area.

A compass might have helped; I actually had one, but I was not in the woods…I was in the city. Per se. Plus, had it been the woods, I probably could have walked home faster.

You would think that this would be nearly impossible, to go 7.5 miles and take over an hour – without traffic – to find the way…but I assure you; it is not.

I am living proof that is entirely possible to get lost even with a GPS. Even when you have a really good sense of direction. Even when you are really close to where you live. Even when you have lived there for over two decades. Yep. That’s me. Lost girl. Me, the one with the natural, overall, good idea of directional awareness.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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