Lingering Over a Holiday

One of my favorite things to do is spending time lingering over a holiday. Taking the extra day, nothing to do except what you want to do. No where to go and no obligations.

Except, we all know that there are still things to do that are totally worth doing.

Sleeping in with no alarm to wake you.

Food to make.

Family to see.

Dishes to clean.

Movies to finish.

Laundry to wash.

Books to read.

Second cups of coffee to drink.

Naps to take mid-day.

History to read and ponder one more time; finding significance and meaning.

E-mail to clear…giving a fresh(er) start to Tuesday morning.

One more day to spend, lingering over a holiday would be even nicer, but we will have others to enjoy soon enough. Hope your Independence Day weekend felt longer than it actually was, the fireworks brighter than usual and the time off was well spent.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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