Life Doesn’t Change

In the short term, life doesn’t change.

It’s been 36 hours since I left town, and 48 since our graduate – well, graduated.

  1. The kids didn’t know I was gone
  2. They work at their own pace (from home work to chores to keeping a schedule)
  3. They don’t like movies from the Eighties (as a general rule, the easiest way to get them to leave the room is to put on a classic 1980s Blockbuster – tonight it was Beverly Hills Cop)
  4. They can all spend the entire day in the house and not talk to each other, but when it comes to making a joke or laughing at their sibling’s or parent’s expense they come together 
  5. We can come together over dinner and it feels right

Luckily – it is still home and life doesn’t change that fast.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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