Learn Different

Similar to the way that famous tech company guru said it…it is a good thing to “learn different“.

The way you learn says something about you. It isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it is probably a good thing. If you learn…

  • by visual presentation
  • by audible methods
  • by doing
  • by watching and then doing
  • by listening and then doing
  • by reading

And, you understand exactly how you learn best.

Yes, you probably noticed, some of these overlap.

Like in a Venn Diagram of learning.

There isn’t a right way or a wrong way… it is just that it is the best way you can learn. Different perhaps than your friends, siblings, classmates, colleagues. Perhaps, when you think differently about the way you learn, you will be able to teach in a bunch of completely effective ways – and that is a very good lesson learned.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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