Kitchen Closed

So, the other day, I raved about a place that used direct mail to invite us to dinner…well, I thought it was great. I still kind of do. However, I found out that their kitchen closed for renovations the day after the postcard with the free entree was received.

I understand that things happen, timing doesn’t work out, not everyone can be perfect.

Communication matters. It matters a lot.

This campaign was not inexpensive to mail, let alone to fund at the local restaurant’s promotional expense account.

A few questions might have been asked before it was sent. A delay of 2 weeks might, in fact, have been prudent because at this point the campaign may have been even MORE expensive in lost customers.

It costs a lot when people get excited to go out with a free dinner incentive, but unfortunately find the kitchen closed for (also expensive) renovations. Way more than the 1 free (out of 7 in our case…heck, even 1 free out of 4 paid dinners) would “cost”.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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