Don’t Listen

There are some times when you should heed the advice “don’t listen” to this, that, or the other thing.

A few weeks ago, I listened to my GPS instructions when it confidently said “Turn Left.”

Then, as I approached the intersection. I stopped. Waiting for traffic to clear. I looked at the entrance and thought “Really? Here?” It just didn’t look right. So, while I was (still waiting) for traffic to clear, I looked for a sign, which I did not see: “No Left Turn”.

Indeed, the police officer was very polite when she told me that it was there.

I was a bit upset, no doubt – there was no such sign…I looked. Twice.  Then, sitting there, fuming as I watched about another 31 people turn left, right where I did, into the shopping center and not get a ticket.

I believe that technology will help us – even more so in the future than it has in our past. I just hate to think that we are becoming too dependent, too reliant and too trusting of it.

I am not alone.

Today, the bus driver turned right, at the same intersection (no, not mine, another one) and did it not once, but twice because the machine told her to do it. Looking on the second time, I saw, in fact, the same sign that was there the first time she drove up on the curb to make the right turn where “No Turns” should be made.

Judging myself… I know now that I should have listened to my own brain that said don’t listen to that stupid machine and just gone on to the next entrance instead…however, we are taught to listen. We must however remember to think for ourselves, and in this age of technological advancement, maybe we need to remind ourselves more often that the machines are not perfect…just like humans.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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