Kids Making Dinner

Sure, kids making dinner could be simple. It could be messy. It could be a plethora of salt and sugar.

  • It could be toaster oven pizza with ketchup and cheese whiz.
  • It could be macaroni and cheese.
  • It could be grilled cheese.


  • It could be what they want to do.
  • It could be what they have been dying to do all year.
  • It could be what they want to do for their future…career.
  • It could be what they want to eat (instead of what you want them to eat.)

Sure, kids making dinner can be breakfast cereal or pancakes or ice cream – or – it could be gourmet, made from scratch Pho noodle soup. What can I say? I inspired her with an image of what we could get at Panera Bread, and she chose to make it at home instead.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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